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STAGE NAME: NAKITA NEGRETTE   DYONA!  I am Nakita,  Age range 27/30 I live in Mount Dora, Florida.  Mother of one child.

Can you love me again?


is just another word

Believe in your talent

The fear, the doubts will always hold you back if you give them a room in your mind, you got to live with the valor of your heart and not the voices of your mind, for beneath our skin stands a warrior and a champion who wants us to be great, for it is the  purpose of why we were born to be, don’t be less when in your dreams yearns a great and beautifu[...]

Come and get your money

SHOWCASE YOUR TALENTS DANCE THE RUNWAY 2018   Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc., holds its yearly talent show competition, which be beginning this year on March 31, 2018 with a final competition on June 30, 2018. It will give opportunities for three winners to display their talents internationally. Showcase your Talents will be made possible only wit[...]

Knock it down!

If we truly love music and the women who are suffering in silence, then we should collectively use our power to create something better. Still, hip-hop is black women’s baby, and what mother isn’t protective of her child? I suspect this deep sense of protection is part of the reason we choose to ignore the many ways the industry has violated women. We[...]

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