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This concerns me

STAGE NAME: NAKITA NEGRETTE   DYONA!  I am Nakita,  Age range 27/30 I live in Mount Dora, Florida.  Mother of one child.

Our Love for Hip Hop

Black Women Love Hip Hop, But It Doesn’t Love Us Back Falling in love would be an interesting choice of words for a Black woman to us...

Like a magician

Magic is 100 percent entertainment. Fairs, festivals, schools, cruise lines, corporate events, colleges, casinos, and theme parks all us...

Knock it down!

If we truly love music and the women who are suffering in silence, then we should collectively use our power to create something better. ...

Who you are?

Have you ever felt truly and honestly inspired? I remember a few of these moments in my own life when I felt really inspired. It’s a ...

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