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Talent is a hidden art in you like a raw diamond. A diamond sparkles only after cut and polished, without doing this a diamond is not sparkling. Similarly, the talent in you is to be brought out, practiced and enriched, then you will be recognized for that talent. What talents you have is to be identified first. Are you able to write lyrics, compose[...]

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STAGE NAME: NAKITA NEGRETTE   DYONA!  I am Nakita,  Age range 27/30 I live in Mount Dora, Florida.  Mother of one child.
 I have been interested in modeling since the age of 5. I  always loved to play make-up, dress-up and take pictures of different poses.  I have always loved the camera, never afraid of any photo. How can you do this to me[...]

The Reasons Why We Dance

This post is written by  Artistic Director, David Thomas Moore. As a choreographer and writer (though I confess I am far more comfortable to claim the former than the latter), I get asked to share my opinion about a myriad of dance related topics from the practical: “How can dance help you get in shape?” “What is the best way to practice my footwor[...]

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If I Am If I am to dig graves for the rest of my life I wish to do it with my hair long and proud, Swinging at the small of my back as a testament of Will in the face of adversity, Grown by the fruits of my labor. I want to harvest the nectar From the pear tree on my horizon And when I eat my fill, I will just as easily leave the sweetness behind,[...]

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SHOWCASE YOUR TALENTS DANCE THE RUNWAY 2018   Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc., holds its yearly talent show competition, which be beginning this year on March 31, 2018 with a final competition on June 30, 2018. It will give opportunities for three winners to display their talents internationally. Showcase your Talents will be made possible only wit[...]

Why you're acting

  Why are we doing this? It’s important to ask ourselves this question. Do you ever stop and ask yourself why you want to act? Or create? Or live your life as an artist? Sometimes we lose connection to—or allow the business to contaminate us—the original reasons why we wanted to create. And for that reason alone, it’s important to revi[...]
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