Talent is a hidden art in you like a raw diamond. A diamond sparkles only after cut and polished, without doing this a diamond is not sparkling. Similarly, the talent in you is to be brought out, practiced and enriched, then you will be recognized for that talent.

What talents you have is to be identified first. Are you able to write lyrics, compose music, draw picture, speak fluently, cook tasty, run lastly , repair quickly, teach any subject , chisel anything on wood, sculpt on stone, work on machines, assemble computer, connect devices, plan interior, cut cloth for designing …..

You must be having anything of the kind, probably you may not but someone may identify, could be a friend of you, reveal your desire, you will come to know.

Everyone has some sort of talent and you too. Sure. Frustration is not going to help you. Think positively and you will achieve.