Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc. will continue its operation in 2019. The inspiration for the operation was the realization that there is a need for an entertainment non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping talents that been rejected by the major company, those who were trying for so long and unable to make it in the entertainment industry. Through our concentrated effort, we provide them with the resources they need in order for them to succeed. The operation headquartered is in the city of Orlando in the state of Florida. Its operations will expand nationally and globally.

SSWE, INC. does this by utilizing a vast network of resources in conjunction with social media and entertainment company within the community. Some of the strengths and capabilities of our core products as it pertains to produce and promote artists include that we are committed to serving talents with low income with professionalism, effective and caring manner. Our commitment is to offer these services free of charge. Our facility has a contemporary look, warm atmosphere, clean and accessible. The executive ambassadors and team members in our organization are friendly well trained with a lot of experience.

Whether one feels led to contribute or invest 10.00 or 10 million dollars your Gift will make a great difference.

With your gift, we will create an environment that’s conducive to talents a warm place with free wireless Internet access, high tech meeting room. We will seek to provide a fun and social atmosphere to our community.

Other non-profit operations include Other Community Resource Centers. Their primary weaknesses limited resources, inferior personnel, and restricted programs that only serve a small segment of the population. We, on the other hand, operate in an advantageously different manner as outlined by offering professional reference services that develop understanding, cooperation, and community dialogue through collaborative efforts that are focused on interpersonal development and resiliency. This is how Seven Stars World Entertainment, Inc. distinguishes itself.

Our location will be easily accessible by bus, automobile and on foot.  Handicapped parking is available right out in front of the building. Seven Stars World Entertainment give access to those with low income to be able to use our facility free of charge for special events like birthday, wedding, and other.

Dyone’s Productions Video Studio will be built fully equipped for our team members to create and record powerful video and also provide them with professionals producers to produce the highest video quality that inspires and make a difference on many life’s. Whether one feels led to contribute or invest $10 or $10 million dollars your Gift will make a difference.  

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